Cintia Dicker

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New blog dedicated to Cintia;, go follow her/him!!

Anonymous asked: Happy Easter!!!

Thank you so much sweetie, happy Easter to you too

Anonymous asked: Hi Cintia, I have the same shade of red hair as you and skin color, can you tell me what fake tan you use please. All the ones I've tried look really fake on me and smell horrible! I'd really appreciate it as I always look so pasty pale compared to everyone else! Thanks so much. Xo M

Hi cutie, first of all I must tell you that I’m not Cintia, nor related to her (sadly), but hey, I bet you are gorgeus, I really don’t know anything about fake tanning since I’m super pale and like being like that, but I’ve heard that Diors auto bronzant it’s pretty good (and pretty expensive), but hey, if you can you should give it a try, I mean; it’s Dior